Plan For Online Services

by Web Team

Posted on March 18th, 2020 11:58am()

Church Leadership have been discussing ways for us to continue worshipping together while respecting Social Distancing. Here's what we are planning for the time being.

Note that we are cancelling all church building services and meetings until further notice, but are making plans to have online alternatives. Here are some details as to what we'll be doing in order to continue worshipping together in spirit while being physically separated from one another.

Online Sunday Service

EDIT (2020/04/18): Making a correction here to clarify that our meetings are held via Google Meet until further notice.

Online Meetings

Ministry and Fellowship Group Leaders have been given the ability and instruction to use Google Meet to create online videoconferencing meetings for group interaction of up to 100 participants. These meetings will be shared in the form of web links - you should be able to join these meetings directly using your web browser or via phone app.

These meetings can be scheduled ahead of time, or can be created impromptu. In the coming days we'll try and set up a nice mix of meetings of a variety of different sizes throughout the week to foster communication and fellowship - we'll keep you posted.

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